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bergamot, sandalwood, peony, oakmoss

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Wearing this perfume is like having a talisman of balance and fairness with you at all times. It represents the need for harmony and the courage to make difficult decisions. This fragrance brings together the essence of oakmoss, peony, bergamot, and sandalwood to create a scent that is both grounding and empowering. The oakmoss provides an earthy, grounding base, while the peony offers a floral airiness and peace. The bergamot adds a citrusy brightness to gentle encourage you into action, and the sandalwood rounds out the scent with a warm, woody aroma, with a final level energy. Whether you're seeking justice in your personal life or in the world at large, this scent will inspire you to stand up for what is right!

This scent comes in a 10 mL amber vial with a roller ball for easy application.

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