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gunpowder, sheet music, pear, nutmeg

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"I may not have had your … education, but I’m sure I know plenty of words that you don’t."

Sometimes the world simply turns its back on the gentlest of hearts. It is the extraordinary that refuse to let that change who they intrinsically are, and there are few soft hearts as large as Wylan. The hallmark materials announces the scent with the snap of gunpowder in painstakingly precise increments. Calculated and finessed to perfection, with just a hint of ill-gotten wherewithal. Yet it is the delicate aroma of sheet music that wanders throughout the bravado of invention to soften and lend boyish hope despite all odds. It's the bright freshness of pear speaks to a merchling's beginnings, sparkling along in effervescent harmony to the rich spice of nutmeg. A warmth of finding one's true self and trusting in that inherent strength of purpose. A far greater legacy than one's forebearers deserve, fostered in found family that truly accepts and loves without bounds.

Inspired by the character Wylan Van Eck a.k.a. Wylan Hendricks from Leigh Bardugo's Grishaverse series. He is played by Jack Wolfe in the Netflix series, Shadow and Bone.

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