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kitchen herbs, mountain air, oak, cigar, cadou

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"Forgive my manners, call me the Duke. Now to business... Anything you desire, I can provide."

Amidst the dark and gloomy forests of the Village awaits. This perfume is inspired by The Duke, the enigmatic man with a cryptic manner. The delicate aromas of fresh kitchen herbs celebrate the Duke's skills as a gourmand, and the scent of crisp mountain air involves the open skies he has found on his travels. These are entwined with the rugged scent of oak, evoking the aroma of his traveling merchant's cart. As the fragrance deepens, the intoxicating smoky scent of a cigar emerges, adding a touch of mystery to the aroma. The lingering musk of the Cadou, a mysterious creation of science with a bewitching fragrance, rounds out the fragrance..

This scent is inspired by The Duke from Resident Evil: Village.

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