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frankincense, cacao, truffles, birch, vetiver

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As the world awakens to the season of Taurus, our fragrance is designed to evoke the beauty and richness of this sign. Just like Taurus, known for its appreciation of earthly pleasures and its steadfast nature, our scent exudes a sense of grounded sensuality and unwavering strength.

The warm and resinous notes of frankincense and cacao blend seamlessly, creating a sumptuous and indulgent aroma that speaks to Taurus' love for the finer things in life. The rich and earthy truffle note adds depth and complexity, while the woody and smoky nuances of birch and vetiver evoke Taurus' connection to nature and stability.

Embrace the sensual allure of Taurus with our exquisite fragrance, a tribute to the sign's unwavering determination, appreciation for the finer things, and grounded sensuality. Let the essence of the bull accompany you on your journey, as you navigate life with strength, confidence, and unwavering poise. Experience the luxurious and captivating scent of Taurus and indulge in the earthy pleasures of life.

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