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rain, lightning, whiskey, jasmine

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“You are strong enough to survive the fall.”

When the skies darken and the clouds roll in, it is time to look to the horizon for the oncoming downpour. Power and control to summon the tempest, this is the Storm Witch Incarnate. Zoya first is announced with her acerbic wit, tongue sharp and as bracing as a fine whiskey. To those brave enough, and strong enough, to savor the sting with its hidden sweetness. More than just the mask of perfection, it speaks softly of her Suli ancestry. A daughter lost to this world, to her people, and forced to make her own mark alone. As the winds begin to rise comes the sweet scent of rain, equal parts driving and punishing or rejuvenating and life giving. As mercurial as her art; though most assume fickle harsh brutality, those willing to face it head on will find succor in the eye of the storm. It is the jasmine that lights the breeze as composure and feminine softness are revealed to those trusted to share it, as powerful as a hurricane ready to take flight to the skies when the scales tip just so... Khaj pa ve, zheji.

Inspired by the character Zoya Nazyalensky from Leigh Bardugo's Grishaverse series. She is played by Sujaya Dasgupta in the Netflix series, Shadow and Bone.

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