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amber, moonflower, black currant, Shar's deceit

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This fragrance is a tribute to Shadowheart, celebrating her complex charisma and the layers of her character. It invites you to explore the shadows, where secrets and mystique converge. This scent opens with the warm and comforting embrace of amber, echoing her inner strength and resilience. Moonflower's ethereal presence evokes her celestial (though obscured) connection, a bloom that thrives in the moon's subtle glow. Black currant adds a dark, intriguing twist, symbolizing her hidden desires and the complexity that lies beneath her surface. There is a touch of Shar's deceit, an ominous note, serves as a reminder of the shadows she navigates and the mysteries she conceals... and have been concealed from her.

This scent is inspired by Shadowheart, a companion character from Larian Studio's Baldur's Gate 3. She is voice acted by Jennifer English. 

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