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pink pepper, mint, ginger, grapefruit

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Brace yourself for an olfactory rebellion like no other, as the essence of this audacious renegade collides with intoxicating scent notes that embody Rebecca's untamed spirit. Unleash the fury of pink pepper, its fiery spice igniting a passionate rebellion that smolders within. Feel the rush of mint, a cool breeze amidst the chaos, fueling her calculated maneuvers with an exhilarating burst of freshness. The sharp edge of ginger cuts through the haze, a reminder of her unapologetic audacity. And behold, the explosive burst of grapefruit, a citrusy rebellion that embodies her unwavering determination and fearless optimism. 

This fragrance is inspired by Rebecca, from CYBERPUNK EDGERUNNERS, inspired by the world created by R. Talsorian Games, CDPR and RTG.

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