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cactus flower, desert rose, motor oil, sand

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Brace yourself for a sensory journey through the sun-scorched wastelands where Panam Palmer's story unfolds. FIrst, the delicate yet resilient aroma of cactus flower transports you to the barren deserts she traverses with unwavering determination. Desert rose blooms amidst the arid landscape, its fragrance a symbol of Panam's inner strength and beauty amidst chaos. The unmistakable scent of motor oil intermingles, an testament to her fearless prowess as a skilled mechanic and her unwavering loyalty to her clan. Feel the gritty embrace of the scent of sand, as it whispers tales of endurance and survival, mirroring Panam's resilience in the face of adversity. Together, these scent notes harmonize, creating an homage to Panam's journey of self-discovery and rebellion.

This fragrance is inspired by Panam Palmer, from CYBERPUNK 2077, created in the world developed by R. Talsorian Games, CDPR and RTG.

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