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heather, blackberry, musk, leather, sacred forests

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In the darkness of the night, a scent so hauntingly beautiful drifts through the air, evoking the essence of the Morrigan. This fragrance, born from the ancient forests of the Celts, carries with it the essence of mystery and danger, a reminder of the power of the goddess of fate, war, and death.

The blend of heather, blackberry, musk, and leather is an alluring mixture, a symphony of earthy and dark notes that seduces the senses and draws the wearer into the embrace of the Morrigan. The scent of sacred forests, so rich and verdant, adds to the heady aroma, capturing the magic of the goddess and infusing the wearer with her divine essence. Behold, the perfume of the raven-haired goddess, a blend of mystery, power, and magic.

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