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oud, black orchid, pink pepper, true soul

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This scent opens with the intoxicating allure of oud, a scent as ancient and enigmatic as her wicked plans. Black orchid's haunting presence evokes her shadowed desires, a flower that thrives in the depths of darkness. Pink pepper adds a sharp, sinister twist, mirroring her calculated schemes and the sparks of chaos she ignites. Under it all, there is a a scent that harkens to her nature as a  True Soul, a paradoxical note, serves as a reminder of the corruption that seeps through her very essence, defiling what once may have been pure. This fragrance is a dark tribute to Minthara, celebrating her villainous charisma and the malevolent depths of her character.

This scent is inspired by Minthara Baenre, a companion character from Larian Studio's Baldur's Gate 3. She is voice acted by Emma Gregory. 

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