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drüskelle furs, winter ice, fjerdan pine, juniper

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“I am a witch hunter and you are a witch. You are my prisoner.”

To be torn between two worlds is a battle none should weather, yet many must face. When faith conflicts with the heart and the question of what is truly moral and right cannot be ignored, the only choice is to dive into the waters and hope for clarity. The core of Matthias Helvar is one of dichotomy and found family. Where the harsh bite of winter at the Ice Court is kept at bay with the soft rustling comfort of Drüskelle furs. Be they worn with one's sworn brothers or wrapped about and around a star-crossed love. The woods of Fjerda are dark and deep pine, a grounded constant and ever present reminder of the land that both tests its children's mettle and provides for those that honor Djel. But is the guiding hand of juniper that rounds the end; honoring wisdom and a reminder that strength is not just one's might, but one's compassion.

Inspired by the character Matthias Helvar from Leigh Bardugo's Grishaverse series. He is played by Calahan Skogman in the Netflix series, Shadow & Bone.

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