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tears of Selune, dark chocolate, leather, saffron

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Step into the fierce world of Lae'zel with a fragrance that captures the essence of her strength, determination, and the enigmatic layers that define her. This scent begins with the ethereal touch of "Tears of Selune," echoing Lae'zel's connection to the home she serves and her inner complexity. Dark chocolate adds an indulgent layer, symbolizing her unwavering resolve and the surprises beneath her tough exterior. Leather whispers tales of battle-hardened experiences, mirroring her warrior spirit and resilience. Saffron's spicy allure evokes the fire within her, signifying her determination to conquer any challenge. It is a warrior's scent for someone who doesn't hold back!

This scent is inspired by Lae'zel, a companion character from Larian Studio's Baldur's Gate 3. She is voice acted by Devora Wilde. 

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