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mandarin, wired circuits, crisp water, fresh air & freedom

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Step into the world of limitless possibilities and rebellious spirit as you indulge in this fragrance inspired by Judy Alvarez. The tantalizing aroma of mandarin unfurls with citrus that mirrors Judy's vivacious energy and zest for life. Wired circuits dance in the air, an electric symphony that echoes her technical prowess and mastery of the digital realm. This is followed by the invigorating embrace of crisp water, reminding you that Judy never really forgot where she came from. Fresh air whispers of freedom, carrying the scent of limitless horizons and the defiance of societal boundaries. These scent notes converge, creating a testament to Judy's indomitable spirit.

This fragrance is inspired by Judy Alvarez, from CYBERPUNK 2077, created in the world developed by R. Talsorian Games, CDPR and RTG.

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