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oak tree, divine nature, cedar, bear musk

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This fragrance is a joyful tribute to Halsin, celebrating his deep-rooted connection with nature and the transformative adventures. This scent opens with the earthy embrace of the mighty oak tree, embodying Halsin's grounding wisdom and resilience. Aromas of divine nature intertwines, a nod to his sacred connection with the natural world and the mysteries it holds. Cedar whispers tales of ancient forests, mirroring his wisdom and the secrets he guards. And, of course, bear musk prowls in, a playful nod to his shapeshifting alter ego and the rugged charm he exudes. This certainly is a fragrance that encourage you to embrace the wild nature inside all of us. 

This scent is inspired by Halsin, a companion character from Larian Studio's Baldur's Gate 3. He is voice acted by Dave Jones. 

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