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clary sage, explosive magics, starlight, blood orange

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This fragrance is a playful homage to Gale, celebrating his peculiar intellect and magical prowess. The lively scent of clary sage kicks off this enchanting scent, mirroring Gale's intellectual oddities and knack for the peculiar. Explosive magics bring a fiery twist, with a splash of ozone and aquatics that hint at some of Gale's more dangerous secrets. Starlight adds a sprinkle of cosmic wonder, and harkens back to his relationship to the Weave (as well as the goddess Mystra....) And finally, the aroma of blood orange zips in, mirroring his charismatic zest for life.

This scent is inspired by Gale of Waterdeep, a companion character from Larian Studio's Baldur's Gate 3. He is voice acted by Tim Downie. 

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