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rosewood, pine, red berries, myrrh, carnation, vetiver

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"You're not scared, are you?"

Inspired by the brave Deputy Dewey Riley, this perfume captures his essence as well as the suspense and terror he fought against. The fragrance opens with the woody notes of rosewood and pine, evoking the rustic charm of a peaceful suburb. But this peace is short-lived, for the fragrance quickly transforms, revealing the sharp and tangy scent of red berries, a flash of red among the peace. The warm and spicy notes of myrrh and carnation emerge, hinting at Dewey's bravery and determination. The notes of vetiver hold a dark and mysterious power, a reminder of the darkness that lurks just beneath the surface.

This fragrance is part of our FINAL GIRLS collection, and is based off the classic character from the SCREAM franchise, portrayed by David Arquette.

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