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jasmine, saffron, pine, moss, violets, cordyceps

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"After all we've been though. Everything that I've done. It can't be for nothing."

With a heart hardened by loss and a fierce determination to live, Ellie Williams wanders through abandoned cities and dangerous wilderness. This fragrance opens with the hauntingly beautiful floral notes of jasmine, accented by the warm, spicy aroma of saffron a feminine blend but with an appropriate measure of spice. The scent of an overgrown wilderness that are so familiar to Ellie and Joel are represented by deep aromas of pine and moss that gently mingle with the gently secretive touch of violets. But beneath it all, there is a subtle hint of something more sinister: the unmistakable scent of cordyceps, a reminder of the dangers that lurk in this world.

This scent is based on Ellie Williams, played by Ashley Johnson and Bella Ramsey, in Naughty Dog's and HBO's, The Last of Us..

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