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cabin in the wood, boomstick, gasoline, necronomicon

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"Hail to the King, baby..."

All right, screwheads, listen up! You wanna fragrance that's inspired by the hero who's kicked more Deadite ass than you've had hot dinners? Now you may be wondering what the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks we could have done to capture the raw power of the man, the myth, the legend: ASH WILLIAMS. 

It all starts where Ash's journey started: In a cabin in the woods. The top notes of this fragrance are foresty and wet, the dry wood of the cabin blending with the petrichor of the shadowy forest. Of course, our hero would not be complete without a few trusty tools at his side, and we have captured that with the scents of gun metal and gunpowder (with just a TOUCH of cobalt blue steel and a walnut stock,) mixed with just a hint of gasoline. I can almost hear that chainsaw purring! Of course, we need to keep sharp when it comes to the evil forces of the Necronomicon and all the Deadites it can unleash on the world, and this fragrance finishes with dark scents of shadow and leather to remind us of all those grusome things that damned book has to offer. 

Now, we are not going to promise that this perfume is going to help you in the fight against the undead. We will say that you are going to smell good while you do it! We at Mad Labs Studios just ask you one tiny favor.... don't read from the book! 

This fragrance is part of our FINAL GIRLS collection and is based on the classic character from the EVIL DEAD franchise, portrayed by Bruce Campbell.

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