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red currant, bergamot, iris, cinnamon

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Welcome to the season of Aries, the first sign in the astrological zodiac. This is the time when the world comes alive with the fiery and adventurous spirit of the ram, the symbol of Aries. It's a time of new beginnings, of fresh starts, and of daring to take risks and follow your dreams.

This fragrance is inspired by the dynamic, passionate, and ambitious spirit of those with this zodiac sign. Our Aries scent is a unique blend of red currant, bergamot, iris, and cinnamon.. With its bold and fiery aroma, Aries is a fragrance that demands attention. The bright and juicy notes of red currant and bergamot are perfectly balanced by the powdery and sophisticated scent of iris, while the warm and spicy cinnamon note adds a touch of sensuality and heat.

Aries season encourages us to be bold and unapologetic in our pursuits, to trust our instincts, and to follow our hearts. So embrace the energy of Aries season and let the fiery spirit of the ram guide you on your journey.

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