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queen anne's lace, calla lily, paper, rosemary

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"What have I done but what was expected of me? Forever upholding the kingdom, the family, the law."

We must not forget that above all things, Alicent is a noble woman who carries herself with the decorum of one of the mightiest houses of Westeros. Above all things, she puts family first, and will do what is needed to see to their well-being. The feminine flourish of calla lily mixes with the rooted blooms of Queen Anne's lace, a reminder of her home in the Reach. The fragrance of paper tells of her storied sacrifices, while the sprigs of rosemary flash the scents associated with the color Green, the color of the flames of Hightower in times of war and her flag flown during the Dance of Dragons.

 This scent is based on Alicent Hightower, played by Olivia Cooke and Emily Carey, in HBO's House of the Dragon

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