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funeral flowers, mimosa, guaiac wood, musk, vanilla, orange

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WOMAN IN WHITE; This haunting scent is made up of pink rose, geranium, mimosa, orange, and lily of the valley to remind travelers of grave flowers, mixed with the earthy tones of guaiac wood, vanilla, and musk to remind of the tomb. Together, the signatures make an evocative aroma that lingers in a beguiling but most welcome way. 

Across multiple countries and cultures, some common themes arise in the stories that we tell. Tales of a strange, ghostly woman, dressed in white, and dwelling along dark passageways have been connected with legends of tragedy, loss, and betrayal. From the rural backroads of the United States to the woeful halls of European castles, these mournful spirits have many names, faces, and origins. The truly remarkable thing about these White Ladies is that there is a shared sense of wonder and intrigue about them. We want to know their names, and their stories, no matter how much tragedy we discover along the way.
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