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ocean, night sky, mango, black currant, cedarwood

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There was once a time when it was believed to even say the name of the creature would summon it. In recent years, most people have attributed most sightings to species of large squid and octopuses. We know better though, don't we? We know that the dreaded Kraken is a creature that lurks in the darkest, most secret places in the ocean, just waiting for the chance to drag the unassuming and the foolish into the briny depth of the sea.

This scent is carefully measured to capture the beauty of the ocean at night, with the scents of a sunken shipwreck. Cedarwood and melon aromas harken to a lost vessel and its unlucky supplies. Ocean and night sky scents float as if on the surface of the water itself. It is finished with the scent of black currant to heighten the mysterious enigma that is this elusive creature.
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