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black raspberry, leather, wildflowers, clove

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POOKAH: With this scent, we hope to capture that playful energy. The aromas of leather, wildflowers, clove, and black raspberry hint at the unbridled nature of these peculiar beings of fortune, and harkens back to times in the wood or travels on the road.

Have you ever been walking through a crossroads alone, and seen the shape of an animal disappearing into the brush? Perhaps a rabbit, cat or horse, or even the figure of a young man, that flittered from sight the moment you saw them? You may just have come across a pookah. Mysterious beings of Celtic folklore, can bring with them blessings of good or bad luck. Their trickster nature means you never know what you are going to get when you cross paths with the pookah, but they will leave a lasting impression of the wild energy that comes with spring.

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